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If you are facing DWI or DUI charges, Brian M. Roberts Law is available to serve as your defense attorney. We offer specialized service as a DWI / DUI defense attorney in Houston, TX.

No matter how careful and responsible a person is throughout the course of his or her day to day life, the reality is that it can be very easy to get behind the wheel of a car after having a couple of drinks without giving much thought to the potential consequences.

Over the course of the past fifteen years, states across the country – including Texas – have taken steps to significantly increase the penalties associated with driving while intoxicated. At the same time, the threshold at which a person is considered to be driving while intoxicated has become much lower. Therefore, for most people, driving even after consuming a small amount of alcohol can expose them to a charge of driving while intoxicated.

The consequences of a DWI or DUI conviction are significant. Therefore, even if you are facing your first ever DWI or DUI charge, you need to retain the services of a Houston attorney that has specific experience in providing effective DWI/DUI defense.

Many people tend to be too casual with a first time DWI or DUI charge. However, you simply cannot underestimate the seriousness of being charged with DWI or DUI. Even if you suffer relatively slim consequences from an initial DWI or DUI conviction, you need to understand that if you ever are arrested again for DWI or DUI, the potential jail time, fines and other penalties will be significantly enhanced.

Additionally, you also must understand that a first time conviction for DWI or DUI can cause you to experience very serious penalties. A suspended drivers license … a high dollar fine … surcharges … jail time are all possibilities even if you have never had any legal problems previously.
Houston DWI attorney Brian Roberts stands ready to provide you precisely the representation that you must have under these circumstances. Before becoming a Houston DWI attorney, Brian served as a Special Crimes prosecutor for the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. Therefore, he understands the criminal justice system from both sides of the fence. These unique experiences provide Brian with resources and tools that are invaluable to fully protecting the rights of people like you who need an effective DWI/DUI defense.


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